Mission and Purpose


Our Foundation is established in accordance with Social Services Act. Our Foundation wishes to become best friends to children who need special care and support in our society and provide them total solutions in education, culture, emotional support and realizing sense of self-reliance. By doing so, our Foundation endeavors to enhance their self-confidence and achievement and eventually help children grow into productive members of our society.

“From the world of lonely running grown-ups to that of harmoniously walking children.”


  • Our Foundation develops and operates culture, art, education and social support programs which enhance personal, intellectual, and emotional developments of children.
  • Our Foundation develops and operates sustainable field-oriented practical programs rather than PR-driven one-time events.
  • Our Foundation continues field research for promoting social environment in which children can grow healthy minds and bodies.


  • To resolve the inequalities of opportunities, education, and culture that prevail our society, and make a world where all members of the community kindly share with each other
  • To research on various social issues and suggest solutions for children to live in a healthy society
  • To act as a platform to discover and connect to field researchers and activists who share the values and vision of “Walking with Us”.

Core Values

  • Provision of systematic welfare services to all children
  • Expansion of the common ground through communications with citizens
  • Expansion of the support base by connecting to various resources